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At Thor's Healthy Pet Foods, we are focused on providing excellent services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

We carry a large selection of foods in store, however if you are looking for something we do not carry we will order it and call you within two weeks once it arrives. Everyone is welcome to come see our unique store greeters who are more then happy to give you a big kiss. All animals are welcome as long as they are controlled and friendly with other animals and people. 

Who Are We?

Bobby Marr has worked in both the retail and manufacturing sides of the pet food industry and have learned more about pet products then most people have access to. Bobby is originally from Stevensville and grew up breeding and boarding dogs at Second Home Pet Boarding. He has helped to care for thousands of dogs in his lifetime and has learned much about breeds, health and general care. Bobby also managed production for True Raw Choice learning much about how products are made, inside information about brands and met various representatives of companies


Tara is our Tibetan Mastiff. She is very strong willed, but affectionate and playful as well. She tends to complain a lot when she isn't allowed to play with dogs in the store, because like most naive children she assumes everyone is her new best friend. It doesn't help that she is 115lbs with a VERY deep bark, which

leads people to think she is not

as friendly as she is.


Macaroon is our Maine Coon cat. Weighing in at 17lbs, he towers over his sister Lari, but she is still the boss. He is a little antisocial sometimes, but is super relaxed. Macaroon will either try and befriend or will simply ignore any animal or person that comes into the store. He doesn't           realize he is not a dog (probably      because he is so big) and

likes to walk up to dogs

to introduce himself.

Julia Ries has a degree in Biology from Guelph University which she originally planned on using to become a veterinarian. Those plans changed however upon learning that she would have to compromise her morals to do so. She decided to look for alternative ways to help animals and landed on nutrition and natural medicines. Julia is currently taking online courses to become a certified clinical pet nutritionist in order to better help her customers.


Thor is the store mascot and head greeter. He is an English-style Golden Retriever who we joke is fueled by love and happiness. He will absolutely bring you a toy when you come in the door.


Cash is our gentle cow. Known mostly for his size he tends to lay about, but will not hesitate to come get attention, especially from kids. He is a Landseer Newfie and weighs 180lbs and will typically greet you by flopping on his back and asking for a belly rub.


Lari is our baby girl. She is a spunky and sweet Himalayan that does not like to be told what to do. She loves to play, but let's the dogs and other cats know who is boss when they come near her. If you don't pay attention to her she is likely to come yell at you and pace until you do. Unlike most

      cats, Lari loves belly rubs, so don't            be shy about petting her.

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