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Tackling the Obesity Epidemic One Pet at a Time

Our new Weight Control supplement will not make your pet magically lose weight, but we come as close as possible! The ingredients we put together are not part of a fad, they are backed by science and this article is here to prove it to you.

The first ingredient… cumin?!

The first thing you will notice when you open the bag is the strong smell of cumin. I always associate this with taco seasoning and curry, comfort food at its best. However, cumin holds a plethora of health benefits behind its signature smell. It has been shown to not only reduce body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), and help regulate insulin, but it does this just as well as weight loss drugs [1]! In a study done in humans, over an 8-week period the patients taking cumin lost the same amount as weight as those on the weight loss drug orlistat120 [1]. Cumin does this by increasing fat use and decreasing appetite [2]. Basically, by increasing metabolism more calories are burned by doing less exercise.

Psyllium husk, that sounds familiar…

Many people will know psyllium because of its use in Metamucil, the fibre supplement. Psyllium also helps with weight management by increasing and prolonging a feeling of fullness after eating it. Because psyllium becomes quite viscous when mixed with stomach contents, it slows down gastric emptying and transit time in the gut [4]. The aim of including this ingredient is to prevent your pet from overeating and reducing the amount that they feel like they need to eat to feel full. Psyllium can also improve blood glucose lipid levels [3].

Ginger, not just for your stomach!

You’ve probably heard of using ginger for indigestion and stomach aches, but did you know it can also have benefits for weight control? Studies have shown consuming ginger can decrease body weight [5]. It can also help with diabetic conditions such as lowering blood lipid levels, decreasing blood pressure, and having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects [6]. Ginger seems to help lower body weight by suppressing carbohydrate and fat digestion [7] – if they can’t be digested then they can’t be absorbed.

A cup of Green Tea a day will keep the fat cells away

Green Tea is excellent at boosting the metabolism and fat burning capabilities of the body naturally [8]. This means more calories being burned with the same amount of work and exercise.

Kelp, help from the ocean

Kelp is not only extremely nutrient dense, containing tons of vitamins and minerals, but it also contains a special kind of fibre called alginate. This alginate inhibits fat-digesting enzymes called lipases to essentially prevent fat digestion [9]. This means that most of the fat in the diet will go through unprocessed and unabsorbed. This mode of action is how many of the weight loss drugs work.

I will reiterate, this supplement is not magic, your pet will not lose weight unless they get exercise. With exercise, they will burn more calories when taking this supplement, and therefore encourage weight loss naturally. This puts the least amount of stress on their bodies and is the healthiest way to encourage weight management!

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